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The four Vedas of Hindu culture are the religious texts—the Upanishads from the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita from the Upanishads. Valmiki’s Ramayana, Vedavyasa’s Mahabharata, and Puranas are texts of history and tradition. Purana means ancient. Vishnu Purana is one of the main 18 Puranas in Hinduism, which is important and very ancient. The complete description of the character of Lord Shri Krishna is found in this Purana. Along with being Krishna’s character, Rama is also described. In Vishnu Purana, there is a complete description of the sky, the sun, the sea, the mountains, the results, and the origin of the gods and goddesses.

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Among the eighteen Puranas, Vishnu Purana occupies a very high place. Its author is Parashar Rishi. In Vishnu Purana, many wonderful and bright descriptions of the geography, astrology, rituals, dynasty, Shri Krishna character, etc. have been given. The pacific stream of devotion and knowledge has always been there in it happily. Even if this is the case, this Purana is Vishnu-oriented, even then, in this Purana, for Lord Shiva, there has not been any condescending feeling. In the entire Vishnu Purana, the context of Shiva comes only in the battle of Banasur. Lord Shri Krishna Himself manifesting his inseparability with Shiva, Shri Lord Krishna says with his mouth-


यदभयं दत्तं तद्दत्तमखिलं मया मत्तोऽविभिन्नमात्मानं द्रष्टुमर्हसि शङ्कर ॥४७॥

योऽहं स त्वं जगच्चेदं सदेवासुरमानुषम्।
मत्तो नान्यदशेषं यत्तत्त्वं ज्ञातुमिहार्हसि ॥४८॥

अविद्यामोहितात्मानः पुरुषा भिन्नदर्शिनः ।
वदन्ति भेदं पश्यन्ति चावयोरन्तरे हर ॥ ४९ ॥

yadbhayam dattam taddattamkhilam maya mattoऽvividmamatmanam drtumarhasi shankar 47॥

Yohnam sa tvam jagachchedam sadevasurmanusham.
matto nanyadasesham yatattvam jnanatumiharhasi 48॥

Avidyamohitatmanah purusha bhanadarshinah.
Vadanti bhedam pashyanti chavayorantare every 49॥



Vishnu Purana is smaller than all other Puranas. Vishnu Purana is divided into 6 parts. 23,000 verses are mentioned in many texts, but at this time only 7,000 verses are found. Vishnu Purana is composed by the sage Parashara, father of Vedavyasa. The description of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu and the description of his devotees is found in the Vishnu Purana.

In the first chapter, the origin of the universe, the nature of time, and interesting stories like Dhruva, Prithu, and Prahlad are given. The second chapter describes the nature of the loco, the nine divisions of the earth, planets, constellations, and astrology. In the third chapter, the Manvantara, the expansion of the branches of the Vedas, the householder’s religion, and the method of Shradh have been said. In the fourth chapter, a complete description of the words and genealogies of the kings of the Surya dynasty and Chandra dynasty has been given. The description of the character of Lord Shri Krishna is found in Chapter 5. And in the sixth chapter, there is a mention of catastrophe and salvation.


Composer Parashar Rishi:-

The author of this Purana is Parashara Rishi. Parashara is the grandson of sage Maharishi Vasistha and the father of Vedavyasa. In this Purana, there are very interesting stories about Prithu, Dhruva, and Prahlad. In the statement description of ‘Prithu’, it has been encouraged to do agricultural work by leveling the earth. Emphasis has been laid on strengthening the agricultural system. It has been said to provide security to families by connecting households, villages, cities, etc. That is why the earth was named ‘Prithvi’. In the story of ‘Dhruv’, considering worldly pleasures, opulence, wealth, etc. to be fleeting i.e. perishable, inspiration has been given for spiritual progress. In the case of Prahlad, there is talk of philanthropy and not giving up principles and ideals even in times of crisis.


Description of Krishna’s character:-

In Vishnu Purana, the character description of Lord Vishnu’s avatar Shri Krishna is the main one. In brief, the story of Ram is also mentioned. In this Purana, Krishna’s social worker, public lover, folk dyer, and public interest have been given to him as a great human being. Lord Shri Krishna explained to the subjects the glory of the power to keep unity and inspired them to avenge the injustice. He raised the flag of Dharma-Shakti against unrighteousness. The destruction of the Kauravas in ‘Mahabharata’ shows their philanthropic image. Presenting wonderfully useful events in the life of Lord Krishna is a sign of devotion. It is also a sign to have devotion to that great human being. In Vishnu Purana, along with Krishna’s character, the best principles of Bhakti and Vedanta have also been well understood. The ‘soul’ is said to be inferior to birth and death. The soul has its abode in primitive beings.


Performing Duties:-

Rishis, Shudras, and women are considered superior in Vishnu Purana. A woman who desires service and happiness for her husband with all her body and mind gets salvation without doing any other work. Similarly, the Shudras, while performing their duties, obtain all that the Brahmins get by performing various rituals and austerities, etc. Having said-

शूद्रोश्च द्विजशुश्रुषातत्परैद्विजसत्तमा: ।
तथा द्भिस्त्रीभिरनायासात्पतिशुश्रुयैव हि॥

Shudroscha dvijashushrushatatparidvijasattama:
And dbhistribhirnayasatpatishushruyava hi.

That is, Shudras attain Dharma through the service of Brahmins and women by the service of their husbands.


Spiritual discussion:-

Human life is said to be the best in Vishnu Purana. Even gods are willing to take human birth. A human being frees from the trap of delusion and does the right thing. The message of ‘Nishkam Karma’ and ‘Gyan Marga’ has been given in Vishnu Purana. In human life, both the Karma Marga and the Dharma Marga are followed. Whether in the forest or in the house, a man achieves God while performing his duty.


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