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Atharvaveda is the fourth order of the four sacred Vedas of Hinduism. Atharvveda is also called Brahmaveda, it has mantras of praise of gods, medicine, science, and philosophy. The king in whose kingdom a scholar of Atharvaveda resides remains engrossed in establishing peace in that kingdom. That state remains free from nuisance and walks on the path of progress.

God first of all gave the knowledge of Atharvaveda to Maharishi Angira, and Maharishi Angira gave the knowledge of Atharvaveda to Brahma.

यस्य राज्ञो जनपदे अथर्वा शान्तिपारगः।
निवसत्यपि तद्राराष्ट्रं वर्धतेनिरुपद्रवम्।।
‘ये त्रिषप्ताः परियन्ति’  is the first mantra of Atharvaveda.


Introduction to Atharvveda: –

In Atharvaveda, there are 20 kandas, 730 suktas, and 6000 mantras in total, but only 5987 or 5977 mantras are found in some. And about 1200 mantras are from Rigveda. The 20 Kandas of Atharvaveda are the composition of Rigveda. According to sages and scholars, the 19th episode and the 20th episode are later.
Many types of medical methods are described in Atharvaveda, hence Ayurveda was believed. In Atharvveda, the best decision is taken about the duties of husband and wife and the rules and regulations of marriage in married life. Many mantras of Brahma Bhakti have been given in Atharvveda.


More important topics of Atharvveda: –

drug use,
disease prevention,
Sorcery etc.


Composition period of Atharvveda: –

The Vedic priestly class did not consider the Atharvaveda equal to the other three Vedas because of the ignorance of the Yagyas and the gods. Atharvveda got this place later. The language of the Atharvaveda is clearly later than that of the Rigveda, and also resembles that of the Brahmanical texts. That’s why the Atharvaveda is dated to 1000 B.C. can be considered. Atharvveda was composed of sages ‘Athvarna’ and ‘Angiras’. That is why Atharvveda is also called ‘Atharvangiras Veda’. Apart from this, Atharvaveda is also known by the names given below.

1 Atharvangiras,
2 Brahmaveda,
3 Bhaishajya Vedas and
4 Mahiveda


Some important facts about Atharvaveda: –

1 About Atharvveda, it is believed that on the basis of language and form, Atharvveda was composed after all three Vedas.
2 Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda these Vedas have great importance in the eyes of Vedic religion.
3 Atharvveda describes many types of medical methods, hence Ayurveda is believed.
4 In the Atharvaveda, in married life, the duties of husband and wife and the rules of marriage, respect, and dignity are the best decisions.
5 In Atharvveda, many mantras of Brahma Bhakti have been given.


Branches of Atharvveda: –

The Atharvaveda gives a good explanation of the prosperity of the Kuru country. In Atharvaveda, there is a combination of superior ideology and inferior ideology. Atharvveda has been of great importance in the later Vedic period. From this Veda, we also get the edict of peace and power-enhancing actions. Ayurveda science gets the maximum mention in Atharvaveda. After this, information about ‘bacteriology’ and ‘medicines’ etc. is obtained from Atharvaveda only. First of all, the national sentiment was well-known by the Bhumi Sukta of Atharvaveda. There are two other branches of this Veda, which are given below.

1 pipplad
2 hobbies

There are a total of 20 kandas, 730 suktas, and prose parts in Atharvaveda. Whose explanation is shown below:

1 In the Atharvaveda, there are prayers related to Tantra-Mantra from the first Kanda to the seventh Kanda. Mantras for long life, remedies, curses, love spells, prayer, closeness, success in the study of Vedas, atonement for sins, etc. have been given.

2 Eighth Kanda to Twelfth Kanda also includes Cosmic Suktas, which keep the Rigveda Suktas flowing. Leads to very difficult remembrance of the Upanishads.
The cosmic principles, marriage prayers, funeral incantations, glorification of vows, ritual chants, and the importance of hospitality are described in the 3rd Kind Kanda to the Twentieth Kanda.

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Features of Atharvveda:-

In Atharvaveda, mantras have been taken from Rigveda and Samveda.
2 Atharvveda Mantra-Tantra related to demons, vampires, etc. is an important topic of terrible powers.
3 In the Atharvaveda, the high-class deities of the Rigveda have a different place.
4 It is clear in the Atharvaveda that the worship of nature was disdained among the Aryans, and belief in ghosts, spirits, and tantra-mantras was started.

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