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Read Matsya Purana in English

The Matsya Purana is the sixteenth Purana out of the eighteen sacred Puranas of Hinduism. This Purana of the fish incarnation of Lord Vishnu is at the sixteenth place in the list of Puranas. Matsya Purana is also known as Vaishnava Purana because it is related to Vaishnavism.

In the first chapter of this Purana, this Purana has been named Matsya Purana based on the interesting story of ‘Matsyavatar’ of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu. Lord Vishnu incarnated as a fish saved the lives of King Vaivaswat Manu and the seven sages and gave supreme welfare advice. This sermon is described in detail in this Purana.



Matsya Purana is one of the 18 sacred Puranas and is ranked 16th in the list of Puranas. There are 14,000 verses and 291 chapters in this Purana. This Purana is the Vaishnava Purana. In this Purana, Lord Vishnu took the incarnation of a Matsya (fish) at the time of the Holocaust, hence it is known as Matsya Purana.

In Matsya Purana, the description of Matsya and Manu’s dialogue with the deluge, the excellent description of ‘Rajdharma’ and ‘Politics’, the story of ‘Savitri Satyavan’, the story of ‘Nrasingh Avatar’, the description of pilgrimage, the description of charity The description of the greatness of Prayag Tirtha and Kashi, the greatness of the holy Narmada, the beautiful description of the architecture, the whole process of making idols and the glory of the Tridevs, etc. have been given a special description.


brief information:-

According to the Matsya Purana, Lord Vishnu incarnated as a Matsya (fish) asked King Manu to collect all kinds of creatures, and when the earth was drowning in water, the Lord in his Matsya avatar protected the boat. Was. After this, Brahmaji created life again.

In the most sacred Matsya Purana, there is an infinite store of amazing knowledge at the top of all the scriptures. It also bestows all kinds of welfare by removing all sins from the listener and speaker of the Purana. In this Purana, along with the story of King Manu and Matsya, there is also the story of the holocaust of the earth.



The knowledge of Matsya Purana has been told by Lord Vishnu himself in the form of Matsya (fish). This Purana is considered worshipable in Vaishnava, Shakta, Saura, Shaiva, and all sects. A person who listens to the story of Matsya Purana even for a day gets free from all sins and attains the supreme abode of Lord Shrimad Narayan. The most holy Purana is a Purana that destroys great sins and increases age, increases fame, and fame.

In ‘Matsya Purana‘, it has been said about Purusharth that the person who is lazy and does not work, he dies of hunger. A person who relies on luck can never be successful in life. Growth and prosperity are always angry with that person.

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