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Nyaya Shastra in English

Nyaya Shastra (Read Nyaya Shastra in English) was created by Maharishi Gautam, the means of philosophy is called Shastra. Nyaya Shastra has its own special place in the six Indian scriptures. Akshapad is also an additional name for Maharishi Gautam. In the research paper, there is a fundamental attempt to briefly describe the creation of Nyaya Shastra by Maharishi Gautam. In this scripture, proof, theory, doubt, purpose, etc. sixteen substances have been accepted, and by the accurate knowledge of these substances, one attains Nirshreyasadhigam i.e. salvation.

There are sixteen substances in Nyaya Shastra (Read Nyaya Shastra in English) the knowledge of which is favorable for salvation. And those substances are- proof, theorem, doubt, purpose, illustration, principle, component, logic, judgment, debate, jalp, vitanda, fallacy, deceit, caste, and place of restraint. Knowledge of the elements of these substances gives the benefit of salvation. And the formula is, “Proof-theory-suspicion-purpose–parable-principle-organism-argument decision-argument-japl-vitanda-hetvabhasa-chhal-japati-nigraha sthananam tatvagyananni shreyasadhigam”. “Except these things, the infinite things like readability, divisibility, etc. are propounded and applied in justice. Hence accepted. Hence the moralists are indeterminate materialists.

It is worth mentioning here about Maharishi Gautama that he was constantly engrossed in the remembrance of the scriptures, even while living in the outer world, he remained neutral from the world, once he was walking engrossed in his thoughts and suddenly a waterless Fell in the well, even there the contemplation of Maharishi Gautam Shastra continued. Suddenly, someone pulled him out of the well with the inspiration of God, and by the grace of God, he was blessed that now the power of the scriptures came at the feet of this Maharishi, due to which Akshpad was relieved.

The meaning of the word justice is “pramanairrathapratishthanam justice:” that is, the examination of meaning through evidence is called justice, Nyaya Shastra is also known as logic. The word ‘justice’ also refers to the community of those sentences which are used for the purpose of making other men understand a subject through inference. Vatsyayan has called it ‘Paramanaya’ and has described it as the root of thoughts in the form of argument, jalp, vitandara, and the basis of philosophy.

Theorems have priority in ancient justice. The language is simple and understandable. The skill of rendering the subject here is gross. The main opposition to ancient justice is the Buddhist sect. The importance of evidence is seen in Navya Nyaya. Similarly, in Tatvachintamani, the authentic text of Navya Nyaya, there are four sections namely direct, inference, upamana, and word. Here the use of terminological terms such as typology, specialty, competition, applicability, dissection, etc. leads to the difficulty of language. The subject rendering skills here are subtle. Madhya Nyaya begins by relying on the omniscient Nyayasara. In Madhya Nyaya, the Vaisheshika principle is not accepted as a supplementary principle of Nyaya Shastra. The main opposition to Madhya Nyaya are the Buddhist sect and the Jain sect.

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