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Read Yoga Vasistha Ramayana in English

Yogavashistha Maharamayana is the most important sacred text of Advaita Vedanta in Sanskrit Sahitya. In this Maharamayana, Maharishi Vasishtha gives the knowledge of Nirguna Brahma to Lord Shri Ram.

According to the opinion of scholars, soul and God, world and other world, happiness and sorrow, old age and death, bondage and salvation, life and world, root and consciousness, Brahma and soul, self-knowledge and ignorance, truth, and untruth, mind, and senses, perception and There is hardly any book on the subjects of lust, etc. in which more serious thinking and lectures have been done in ‘Yogavashishta Maharamayana’.

According to tradition, Maharishi Valmiki is considered the author of Yogavashishtha Maharamayana, but in reality, it is Maharishi Vashishtha. Maharishi Valmiki is the only compiler of this holy book. In Yogvashishta Maharamayana, the existence of the world and the existence of God have been well explained with examples. In this book, the question and answer done by Bhardwaj to attain salvation is also described.



Yogvishishta Maharamayana is complete in 6 episodes and 458 cantos. The verse number of Yogvishishtha is 27687. This book is the fourth largest Hindu scripture after Mahabharata, Skanda Purana, and Padma Purana. The Yogavasishtha book is also known by the names Arsha-Ramayana, Gyanvasishtha, Maharamayana, Yogavasishtha Maharamayana, Vasishtha-Gita, etc.


The following are the 6 episodes of Yogavasishtha’s book-

Vairagyaprakaran (33 cantos),
Mumukshu behavior episode (20 cantos),
Genesis Episode (Canto 122),
Status episode (62 cantos),
Upasham episode (93 cantos) and
Nirvana episode (early 128 cantos and late 216 cantos),

Yogvishishta Maharamayana has 4000 verses more than Valmiki Ramayana, hence the term Maharamayana to this book is meaningful in every way. In this book, instead of the life story of Lord Shri Ram, spiritual messages given by God have been given.

The last step of spirituality is the teachings of Shri Vasishtha ji. Yogavasistha is a very important text of Advaita Vedanta in Sanskrit literature. In this sage Vasistha imparts the knowledge of Nirguna Brahman to Lord Rama. If it doesn’t get settled, then it becomes a matter of the hearing and if it doesn’t get settled, then listening again and again, it will be very beneficial. To be rich or poor, to be learned or unlearned, to be beautiful or ugly – these are not eternal.

Yogvishishta Maharamayana is highly respected because it does not mention any special sect. From one corner of India to the other, its text has been going on since time immemorial in the original and in translation. The importance that Bhagwatpuran and Ramcharitmanas have for Bhagavad devotees and Bhagavadgita for Karmayogis, the same importance is of Yogavasishtha for knowledgeable people.


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