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Read Gita Mahatmya in English

Bhagavad Gita is a very integral part of India’s best historical text “Mahabharata”. Whenever there is talk of Mahabharata, the name of Bhagavad Gita seems to flash on everyone’s lips. That’s why its sense becomes so simple, that every person, whether he has read Bhagwat Gita or not, always accepts its core in his life, and sets out with great enthusiasm to reach his destination on the path of life. Does matter.


Thoughts worth knowing about Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: –

Gita me Hridayam Partha Gita me saarmuttamam.
Gyanamatyugran in Gita, Gyanamvayyam in Gita.
The best place in the Gita is the most important place in the Gita.
Param Guhyam in Gita, Param Guru in Gita.

Gita is my heart. Gita is my perfect essence. The Gita is my most fiery knowledge. Gita is my imperishable knowledge. Gita is my best abode. Gita is my ultimate post. Gita is my ultimate secret. Gita is my supreme teacher.


Lord Shri Krishna: –

Geeta Sugita Duties Kimanyai: Shastravistarai:.
Or himself Padmanabhasya Mukhapadmadvini: Srita.

The Gita which has itself emerged from the lotus mouth of Lord Sri Vishnu should be thoroughly memorized. What is the benefit of the expansion of other scriptures?


Maharishi Vyas: –

Gayam Gita Naam Sahasram Dhyeyan Shripati Roop Maj Shram.
Neya Sajjan Sange Chit Deyan Dinjanaya Cha Vittam.

The Geeta that can be sung is the hymn of Shri Geeta and Shri Vishnu Sahasranama. Worthy of attention is the meditation of Lord Vishnu. The mind is worthy of sharing with the gentlemen. And the bill deserves to be given to the poor.


Shrimad Adya Shankaracharya: –

The scandals of the Vedas have been exposed in the Bhagavad Gita, therefore he is the embodiment of the Vedas and in charity he is even more charitable than the Vedas. If any person gives Bhagavad Gita to others, then he has opened the door of salvation for others. That’s why it is the main religion of all the gentlemen to make the mother in the form of Gita meet the child in the form of man.

Swami Vivekananda says that Bhagavad Gita has the ability to uplift a man from his low condition and make him sit in the place of God, because Gita is filled with truth, knowledge, serious and virtuous thoughts. Fortunate are those people who have found the lamp of religion in the form of Gita, which illuminates the path from the darkness of this world.


Mr. Malviya:-

At one time I felt my end time getting closer then Bhagavad Gita proved to be very appropriate for me. Whenever I am surrounded by difficulties, it has never happened that I have not found a solution in the Bhagavad Gita.


Mahatma Gandhi: –

Gita Granth is important for the all round development of life. Bhagavad Gita has been translated into 578 languages of the world. In every language many scholars and devotees have given serious thought and thought. Because the Gita Granth is full of welfare material for all human beings of all castes and creeds of all countries. The book Bhagavad Gita which develops all the divine qualities is unique in the world.


American Mahatma Thoreau: –

Thoreau’s disciple, America’s famous litterateur Emerson also had amazing respect for Gita. He used to dance while reciting this verse Sarvabhuteshu Chatmanam Sarvabhootani Chatmani.


This simple accurate version has been published to make common people aware of the unfailing glory of Gita. In this, the greatness of each chapter of Gita, the original text and along with that the meaning of that chapter in simple language has also been given. Mahatya and Artha are given in bold type for the convenience of women, children and old people.

This mahatmya is taken from the Uttarakhand (from chapter 175 to chapter 192) of the Padmapurana.


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