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Read Shri Narayan Kavach in English

The description of Narayan Kavach (Narayan Kavach in English) has been given in the eighth chapter of Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran, Nyas, and Kavach lessons. Lord Shri Hari prays to Vishnu in Narayan Kavach to protect us in difficult situations from the battlefield, darkness, enemies, holocaust, etc. In each verse of Narayan Kavach, we pray to Lord Shri Narayan for protection.

Narayan Kavach (Narayan Kavach in English) can be worn to protect the body when there is an opportunity for fear. Wearing Narayan Kavach in the right way, if a person touches someone, then he also becomes auspicious, such glory of Narayan Kavach has been given in Puranas.


Benefits of Narayan Kavach:

1) By reciting Narayan Kavach one gets rid of enemies and all kinds of objections.

2) Any person who wears Narayan Kavach, that person never has any kind of fear of ghosts, vampires, kings, etc.

3) Any man who recites and wears the Narayan Kavach daily becomes free from all kinds of fears, and all beings bow before him with respect.

4) By reciting Narayan Kavach with full devotion, you will get the desired results and get freedom and protection from negative energy.

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