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Read Durga Saptashati Patha in English

Durga Saptshati is the most recognized book of the Hindu religion. In this, along with the beautiful history of Bhagwati’s grace, there are many mysterious means and secrets. This book, which sheds the triple Mandakini of karma, devotion, and knowledge, is like a wish tree for the devotees. Sakam devotees easily get the rarest thing or situation that gives fruit from the worship of Shri Durga Saptashati and the selfless devotee is satisfied by getting salvation as the ultimate fruit.

“स्तवानामपि सर्वेषां तथा सप्तशती-स्तवः”

“Stavanampi Sarveshan and Saptshati-Stavah”

Lord Mahadev himself says to Bhagwati Parvati, O Mahadevi Parvati! There is no better book of praise than the Saptshati Stotra capable of giving physical happiness.

Shri Durga Saptashati is the best and holy scripture full of mystery. Because in Shri Durgasaptashati, the supernatural, destructive, compassion, affection, motherhood, war skills, kindness, compassion, etc. instinctive qualities of Maa Durga have been described in detail.



A detailed description has been given from the 81st chapter to the 94th chapter in Shri Durgasaptashati’s text ‘Markandeya Purana’. Maa Durga is described in Shri Durgasaptashati in chapter 13 with 700 verses. There are 13 chapters in this Saptshati text, which are also called three characters. Saptshati means a group of seven hundred verses. Shri Durga Saptshati is recited during Navratri days.

Following are the three characters of Durga Saptshati.
1) The description of Tara, Kali, Chinnamasta, Sumukhi, Bala, and Kubja is said in the first character of Durga Saptashati.

2) A detailed description of Lakshmi, Kali, Lalita, Durga, Gayatri, Arundhati, and Saraswati is found in the second character of Durgasaptshati.

3) The third and last character of Durgasaptshati describes Maheshwari, Brahmi, Vaishnavi, Kaumari, Varahi, Narasimha, and Chamunda.

Maharishi Medhane said to King Surath

‘तामुपैहि महाराज शरणं परमेश्वरीम् ।
आराधिता सैव नृणां भोगस्वर्गापवर्गदा ॥

‘Tamupaihi Maharaj Sharanam Parmeshwarim.
Worshiper Saiv Nrinan Bhogasvargapvargada ॥

King! You take shelter in the same Bhagwati Parmeshwari. Maa Durga, being pleased with worship, bestows enjoyment, heaven, and unrepeatable salvation to humans. At the behest of Maharishi Medha, after reciting Durga Saptshati, Aishwaryakami king Surath obtained an unbroken empire.


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