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Read Garuda Purana in English

Maharishi Vedvyas compiled eighteen Puranas. Three of these Puranas – Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapurana, Vishnupurana, and Garuda purana have been considered important in Kalikal. Garudpuran is more important in these three Puranas.

The Garuda Purana is one of the 18 sacred Puranas of Hinduism, belonging to the Vaishnava sect. This Purana is considered to provide salvation after death in the Sanatan Hindu religion. Lord Sri Hari Vishnu is considered the presiding deity of this Purana. That’s why this Purana is Vaishnava Purana. There is a provision for listening to Garuda Purana after death in the Hindu religion.

Garuda Purana says that man gets the fruits of his deeds in his life. But even after the death of a man, he gets the fruits of his actions. That’s why in the death of a person in Hindu religion, after the death of a person, in order to get the knowledge of deeds, the deceased can know the knowledge of all the truths related to birth and death by listening to the Garuda Purana.



There are 19,000 verses in Garuda Purana. But at present only a total of 8,000 verses are available in the manuscripts. This Purana is divided into two parts, Purvakhanda and Uttarakhanda. There are 229 chapters in the Purvakhand. The number of chapters in Uttarakhand ranges from 34 to 49. The pre-section is also called the conduct section. Uttarakhand is also called ‘Pretkhand’ or ‘Pretkalp’.

90 percent of the content of Garuda Purana is in Purvakhand, and 10 percent of the content is in Uttarkhand. Various subjects have been included in the Purvakhand of Garuda Purana. It contains stories related to creatures and life. In Pretkhand, there are stories related to the movement of the soul after the death of the main person and the deeds associated with it. The Garuda Purana is not the same as the Puranas referred to in Indian literature. The stories described in this Purana were narrated by Lord Vishnu to his vehicle Garuda. Then Garudji narrated it to Maharishi Kashyap.

The pre-section of Garuda Purana describes the methods of devotion and worship of Lord Vishnu. In Pretkhand, along with the detailed description of pret kalpa, the description of the going of the soul to different hells is found. In this, what is the speed of the soul after death, the description of the kind of species in which the soul is born, the description of how it is freed from the ghost form, and the description of how to get salvation from the pain of the hells, etc. have gone?


Garuda Purana story: –

The bird king Garuda is called the vehicle of Lord Shri Hari Vishnu. Once the king of birds Garuda asked Lord Vishnu a question that there are many mysterious and mysterious things related to the condition of living beings after death, the journey of the living being to Yamaloka, the hells, vaginas, and the plight of the sinners obtained from various deeds.

The wise advice given by Lord Vishnu to Garudji to calm his curiosity, this wise advice is called Garuda Purana. It was only on asking questions of Garudji that Lord Vishnu himself revealed the deep secrets and ultimate welfare words after death. This Purana prescribed by Lord Shri Hari Vishnu is mainly Vaishnava Purana. Garuda Purana’s knowledge was narrated by Brahmaji to Maharishi Ved Vyas. After that, Maharishi Ved Vyas had given it to his disciple Maharishi Sutji and Maharishi Sutji had given it to Shaunkadi sages in Naimisharanya.

Among the sixteen samskaras of Hinduism, three before birth, four during the lifetime, and one after death, the last i.e. funeral ritual, which is related to cremation and other rituals. According to ‘Matsyapuran’, the soul of the deceased remains in the vicinity of his residence and relatives for twelve days after his death. The soul of the deceased also enters the body of the priest conducting the funeral rites in the form of a deity. According to the scriptures, the soul of the deceased listens to the story of Garudpuran so that it can get salvation. According to ‘Pitrimedha Sutra’, just as a man gets victory in life by the discharge of rituals, in the same way, the dead get heaven by the discharge of funeral rituals after death.

There are two samskaras in the form of debt for every person, which are mandatory to be performed, first – birth-related rituals and second-funeral rituals.


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