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Surya Siddhanta in English

Surya Siddhanta (Surya Siddhanta in English), which exists like Meru in the vast literature of astrology, is famous for its antiquity and authenticity, and is also popular due to its simplicity. The preacher of Surya Siddhanta is Lord Surya himself, hence the dating of this book has been controversial. Surya Siddhanta has been preached to the sages from time to time, in which the last sermon was given by the incarnation of Surya to ‘May’. This incident proves a wide tradition of Surya Siddhanta.

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The time difference mentioned in Surya Siddhanta (Surya Siddhanta in English) indicates the authenticity and awareness of this theory. Scholars who have looked at the historical aspect of Surya Siddhanta have considered the present Surya Siddhanta to be different from the Myopandishta Surya Siddhanta. Some scholars have called the Surya Siddhanta described in the five principles as the basic principle.

Even in the present time, five principles are in discussion but all five are different from the five principles of Siddhanta, hence they are called the present Siddhanta Panchak. Their names are as follows-
1. Surya Siddhanta, 12. Soma Siddhanta, 3. Vasistha Siddhanta, 4. Romesh principle and 5. Brahma Siddhanta (Shakalya Samhitokta) These five principles are considered divine. Acharya Shankar Balakrishna Dixit has clearly written that in the five principles, some or all of the five principles are mentioned and except the post-Vishnudharma principles, no other principle is considered divine these days.


Surya Siddhanta (Surya Siddhanta in English) Introduction:

A total of 14 chapters and 500 verses written in Sanskrit language are written in Surya Siddhanta. An attempt has been made to explain astronomy in all the chapters. This book is full of deep secrets about the entire solar system, planets, earth, zodiac signs, mathematics etc.

Surya Siddhanta includes the origin and destruction of the universe, movement and direction of the planets, time, distance and diameter, occurrence and assessment of eclipse, zodiac signs and their effects, Surya Siddhanta almanac, trigonometry, gravitational force, description of the lines and poles of the earth, etc. Has been told about.

Thousands of years before the current scientific research in Surya Siddhanta, such things were told which are absolutely true in today’s time. That’s why this book has been translated into almost every language of the world. Along with this, many scientists, researchers and historians in India and abroad take the help of Surya Siddhanta to complete the beginning of any discovery.

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