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Vayu Purana is one of the eighteen Puranas. Vayu Purana contains 112 chapters and 11,000 verses. This Purana is also considered as an independent Purana. Vayu Purana is considered by scholars to be a part of Shiva Purana, not as an independent Purana, because there is more discussion of Shiva worship in this Purana. Vayu Purana gives detailed description of astronomy, geography, creation, era, pilgrimage, Pitra-Shraadh, dynasty, Rishivansh, etc.


brief information:-

In the Vayu Purana, Vayu Dev has instructed the religions in the contexts of Svetkalpa. That is why this Purana is called Vayu Purana. This Purana consists of two parts, East and North, in which the symptoms of cantos etc. have been described in detail. The Vayu Purana describes the dynasty of kings by various hymns, in this, giving the description of the greatness of all the months, it is considered to be more fruit of the month of Magha. In this, the description of charity religion and Rajdharma is found in detail. In this the decision has been taken regarding the living beings moving in the earth and the sky. This is called the former part of the Vayu Purana. Similarly, in the northern part, the description of the pilgrimages of Narmada and the description of Shiva along with them is found in detail. Lord for all the deities which is difficult to conquer and is eternal. Those who reside on the north bank of the Narmada are the followers of Lord Rudra, and those who reside on the south bank are the followers of Lord Vishnu.



Vayu Purana is one of the 18 Puranas of Hinduism. It is the fourth place in the Puranas. This Purana is called Shaiva Purana. In this, there is a lot of knowledge on Vaishnavism in detail. In the Vayu Purana, Vayudev taught the religions in the context of Svetkalpa, hence it is called Vayu Purana. The Vayu Purana has two sections, 112 chapters and 11,000 verses. In Vayu Purana, the detailed description of astronomy, geography, creation, era, pilgrimage, ancestor-shraadh, dynasty, sage dynasty, etc. is found in detail. Like the universe, the Vayu Purana is divided into four parts.
1. Process
2. Subsidiaries
3. Subscription and
4. Epilogue.

Vayu Purana describes 5 types of religions. Vasavi is the story of a Mansi girl of Pitras, she was born as a fish due to a curse. Sutji has said about the rule of atonement for the Yetis, that those who know Dharma have been asked to atone for both the sins of Karma, Krit and Akarma.


Description of Chapters:-

The Vayu Purana begins with ‘Narayanam Namaskritya’. The praise of Maharishi Vyasa has been sung in the second verse of this Purana. And the third verse describes the devotion to Shiva. Adhyay 98 of Vayu Purana praises Lord Vishnu, and Lord Dattatreya, Maharishi Vyasa, Kalki Avatar are said to be incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Adhyay 99 is the biggest chapter of Vayu Purana. There are 464 verses in it and many ancient definite and historical stories are described in it.

In Vayu Purana, there are 160 shlokas of Shraddha, 35 on salvation, 22 on pilgrimage, 7 on charity, 5 on Brahmachari. Vayu Purana has sent a message towards the Gupta dynasty. It appears to be an era of five years. In Adhyay 87, the description of Gitalankars is found on the basis of the rule of Purvacharyas.


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