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Formula for Electric Battery in Agastya Samhita

Formula for Electric Battery in Agastya Samhita

Maharishi Agastya had invented electricity generation as well as use of electricity, electric wire and battery cell.(Formula for Electric Battery)

Maharishi Agastya (Formula for Electric Battery) is known in history for his immense abilities and contributions to mankind. Their essence is documented in the 3,000-year-old text ‘Agastya Samhita’, which also includes kites, balloons and aeroplanes, Ayurveda, astrology, martial arts and the workings of electricity. Maharishi Agastya appears to be the first person in history to create an electric cell.

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The Agastya Samhita explains how to construct an electric battery or cell, as well as how to use the battery to ‘split’ water into its component gases. The modern batteries we use today actually follow Agastya’s electrical theory.

Generally we believe that electricity was invented by Thomas Edison, but you will be surprised to know that our sages first told the world about electricity.

Electricity first emerged in India. The method of generating electricity has been given by Maharishi Agastya, and it has also been accepted by modern science. Maharishi Agastya was the first to initiate the origin of electricity, its detailed description is given in ‘Agastya Samhita’. He has given the complete method or technique of generating electricity, and many people have demonstrated the use of this method in front of scholars.

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Maharishi Agastya Rishi, (Formula for Electric Battery) considered one of the seven sages, was a Vedic sage. Maharishi Agastya was the elder brother of Maharishi Vashishtha Rishi, the clan guru of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya. He composed ‘Agastya Samhita’ which has been discussed in Vedas, Puranas, Valmiki Ramayana, Bhagavad Gita etc. Maharishi Agastya has collected the knowledge of each and every secret in this code. In Treta Yuga, during the exile period of Lord Shri Ram in Ramayana, I had the good fortune of meeting Shri Ram in the ashram of Maharishi Agastya Rishi. This is described in detail in Valmiki Ramayana.

There is a lot of discussion about the book named ‘Agastya Samhita’, which is written by Maharishi Agastya. The antiquity of this code has been researched and found to be correct. Surprisingly, Maharishi Agastya wrote in the sutras related to electricity generation in Agastya Samhita:

Method of generating electricity:

संस्थाप्य मृण्मये पात्रे ताम्रपत्रं सुसंस्कृतम्।
छादयेच्छिखिग्रीवेन चार्दाभि: काष्ठापांसुभि:॥
दस्तालोष्टो निधात्वय: पारदाच्छादितस्तत:।
संयोगाज्जायते तेजो मित्रावरुणसंज्ञितम्॥

Take a clean earthen pot, put a copper sheet in it and add Shikhigriva i.e. peacock neck like substance (copper sulphate). Then fill that vessel with wet wooden spoon. After that add mercury and zinc on top, in this way by connecting through wires, electricity will arise.

The modern battery cell in the Agastya Samhita (Formula for Electric Battery) resembles Maharishi Agastya’s method of generating electricity. He used the following materials:

  1.  Earthen pot
  2. wet sawdust
  3. Zinc Powder
  4. copper plate
  5. CuSO4

It is noteworthy that as a result of this experiment, electricity of 1.138 volts and 23 mA current is generated. This experiment was conducted on August 7, 1990 in the presence of many scholars at the Swadeshi Vigyan Samvidhan Sansthan (Nagpur).

Rishi Agastya’s use of electricity for electroplating is also explained in Agastya Samhita. Maharishi Agastya has told the method of polishing copper, gold and silver with battery. That is why Maharishi Agastya is also called Kumbhodbhava (Battery Bone).

Use of electricity:

अनने जलभंगोस्ति प्राणोदानेषु वायुषु।
एवं शतानां कुंभानांसंयोगकार्यकृत्स्मृत:॥

Anne Jalabhangosti Pranodaneshu Vayushu.
And Shatanam Kumbhaana Sanyoga Karyakritsmrita:॥

When the power of a hundred Kumbhs is used on water for electroplating, the water will change its form into oxygen and hydrogen.

कृत्रिमस्वर्णरजतलेप: सत्कृतिरुच्यते।
यवक्षारमयोधानौ सुशक्तजलसन्निधो॥
आच्छादयति तत्ताम्रंस्वर्णेन रजतेन वा।
सुवर्णलिप्तं तत्ताम्रं शातकुंभमिति स्मृतम्‌॥

Artificial gold coating: Satkritiruchyate।
Yavaksharamyodhanaou sushkatjalsannidho॥
Achchhadayati Tattamramswarnen Rajaten Va।
Suvarnaliptam Tattamram Shatakumbhmiti Smritam ॥

Coating of metal like gold or silver is called Satkriti. As soon as strong water (acid solution) comes in contact with the iron vessel, the alkali (gold or silver nitrate) covers the copper with gold or silver. That copper coated with gold is called Shatkumbh or gold.

Electrical Wire:

In this modern era, cables of electrical wires are made for carrying electricity, message etc., similarly in ancient times also cables were made which were called ropes.

नवभिस्तस्न्नुभिः सूत्रं सूत्रैस्तु नवभिर्गुणः।
गुर्णैस्तु नवभिपाशो रश्मिस्तैर्नवभिर्भवेत्।
नवाष्टसप्तषड् संख्ये रश्मिभिर्रज्जवः स्मृताः।।

Navabhistasnnubhi sutram sutraistu navabhirgunah.
Gurnaistu Navabhipasho Rashmistarnavbhirbhavet.
Navashtasptashad number rashmibhirrajjavah smritaah.

A formula of 9 stars is formed. One guna of 9 threads, one loop of 9 gunas, one ray from 9 loops and 9, 8, 7 or 6 rope rays, all this when mixed together forms a rope (electric wire).

Thus, many scientific experiments have been given in the ancient texts of our Hindu religion, which have been proven. The only requirement is that someone does research on them. But our education has destroyed our faith in ancient religious texts.

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